EVS with YIC

“Youth Initiative Centre” NGO in the frames of EU “Youth in Action/ Erasmus+” programme implements European Voluntary Service (EVS) programme. EVS programme gives an opportunity to the Armenian and European...

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Development of international cooperation in the field of youth work through study visits, partnership events, conferences, and meetings. “Youth Initiative Centre” NGO in the frames of the programmes...

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Youth House

At the Gyumri "Youth Initiative Center" NGO, we continually strive to provide youth with the space and encouragement to develop their own ideas and initiatives. In March 2013 the organization has launched a continuous campaign aimed...

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Erasmus+ Youth. Info Centre Armenia

The Erasmus+ Youth. Info Centres started their operations in 2017. The Info Centres are organisations experienced in Erasmus+ programme in Eastern Partnership countries and Russia. In every...

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For Youth . With Youth . By Youth


Contracting Ceremony of Small Grants

25 September 2017, Yerevan the EU small grant scheme contracts signing ceremony took place and during which The European Union funded Strong Civil Society Organisations for Stronger Armenia project has awarded small grants for....

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Youth Forum 2017

On September 18, a Youth Forum took place in Yerevan and the Gyumri Youth Initiative Centre was present in the event. The aim of the forum was to contribute to the development of 2018-2022 Armenian National Youth Policy ensuring stakeholder participation in the process...

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Armenia already has Erasmus+ Youth. Info Centre

Օn September 6, a press conference took place in Yerevan dedicated to the launch of the activities of ''Erasmus+ Youth. Info Centre in Armenia". During the meeting the president of Gyumri ‘’Youth Initiative Centre’’ NGO Artur Najaryan spoke...

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Retro “Friday’s Cafe”

August 27, a serial "Friday's cafe" took place in Gyumri YIC NGO, this time it was about retro music. The participants discussed the features of the retro period, enjoyed retro music, tasted cookies made by volunteers and played musical games, which made the atmosphere...

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November 18, 2017


Gyumri Youth Initiative Centre in the frames of Erasmus+ Youth. Info Centre in Armenia prior to the International Volunteer Day and 30 years of Erasmus + Programme of European Union...

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November 3, 2017


We are glad to inform, that Gyumri “Youth Initiative Centre” NGO announces a new German club for beginners. The club will be led by EVS volunteer in YIC Merlin Zayfert from Germany. If you want to learn German or improve your knowledge then hurry up...

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October 23, 2017


You have heard about the Gyumri Youth Initiative Center but you don’t know who are we, what are we doing and what is our goal? On October 28, at 14:30 the YIC team is glad to invite you to YIC office, to get answers to your questions during our info day....

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October 21, 2017


We are glad to inform, that Gyumri Youth Initiative Centre announces a new Turkish club for beginners. If you want to learn Turkish or improve your skills, then YIC offers you to join our club. If you want to be a member of the club, then hurry up to register....

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