“Youth Initiative Centre” (YIC) NGO was founded in 2008 in Gyumri, based on the idea of increasing youth civic activism and community development by promoting youth initiatives and active participation.

Since 2008, through its outreach and center-based activities, YIC has promoted young people’s development to reach their fullest potential through meaningful non-formal and informal educational, social and cultural activities. Every year, more than 2000 local and newcomer youth, learn how to participate in local decision-making processes on matters that directly affect them, receive significant volunteering opportunities that promote social cohesion and solidarity, and engage in activities that prepare them for meaningful employment opportunities.

Based on principles of equality and equity, youth activities of YIC are open to any young person living in Armenia. Youth can participate in language clubs, workshops, local and international exchange programs, camps, training courses, study visits, internship opportunities, research studies and advocacy campaigns for adolescents and youth.

YIC now has two open youth centers: the Gyumri Youth House opened in 2018 in cooperation with the European Union and the municipality of Gyumri, and the Spitak Youth House opened in 2020 in cooperation with UNICEF and Spitak municipality.

Our vision
Value generating youth.

Our mission
To promote the development of the young person as a competitive, initiative taking, responsible individual and a citizen.