Gyumri “Youth Initiative Centre” NGO, prioritizing the sustainable individual and vocational/professional development of the youth, the establ ishment of cross-cultural dialogue among the youth and endorsement of international cooperation, provides an opportunity for the youth to participate in the various international projects in Armenia and abroad (training courses, youth exchanges, seminars, study visits, short term and long term volunteering work and job shadowings) in the frames of EU “Youth in Action/ Erasmus+” programme.

The participation in the various international projects in Armenia and abroad contributes the extension of the youth world understanding, individual, vocational and working capacity development providing an opportunity to conduct a deep research in any eld relevant to the youth interests.

Visiting different countries the participants have a chance to get familiar with various cultures worldwide.
After the project termination the participants or the group of participants can join YIC international projects’ network, share with their feelings, ideas, gained international experience.Additionally, the network allows developing cooperation among the youth from different regions in Armenia.

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