From January 2023 YIC NGO started “Have Your Say” youth media project. The project is implemented by the Youth Initiative Centre (YIC) NGO which was funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of State.


THE GOAL OF THE PROJECT is to increase the role of youth as active citizens of Armenia by giving young people a voice and promoting impartial and wider coverage of youth issues and youth initiatives throughout the country.



  1. to reveal the youth issues in 10 regions of Armenia by producing 10 episodes of the youth-led media program and running a social media campaign by 15 trained young people, calling the local government bodies to acknowledge and support youth initiativeness and participation;
  2. to support freedom of speech and independent media development in the regions of Armenia through building capacity of 24 journalists (including young newcomers) representing registered local and national media entities; and highlighting youth agenda in the local and national media through production and promotion of 50 media pieces by the trained journalists.



  • 15 young people have gained practical skills and knowledge in the journalism, media and digital literacy and social media marketing fields, enabling them to regain their voice and have a say on the issues impacting their lives;
  • 10 YouTube videos under “Have Your Say” Media Program and 50 social media posts with #HaveYourSay_am hashtag have been released by the trained young people with the support of professional video crew;
  • 24 journalists from all regions of Armenia have built capacity on youth-centered, professional and ethical coverage of youth issues and youth initiatives;
  • 50 pieces of media (TV reports, articles, blog-posts, podcasts and similar) by journalists representing registered local and national media entities have covered a wide range of youth issues and initiatives after their participation in the journalists’ capacity building training.


You can follow the program on the official YouTube channel of YIC NGO