“You Are Able” Media Program

When. August 2011 – February 2012
Aim. To promote the voluntary work locally and internationally and to raise its recognition among the local community.
Description. The group of ten young people were selected based on their application forms and had professional media workshop at the local Tsayg TV Station and later on prepared and broadcasted 10 reports on the following topics:
  • the civic activism of youth, including the opportunities and challenges;
  • the essence of volunteering, and volunteering as a mechanism for promoting youth participation;
  • the perception of volunteering in the local community and youth in particular;
  • the socio-cultural and legal limitations and obstacles to volunteering and the promotion and recognition of volunteering;
  • the impact of volunteering in tackling community issues;
  • organized and non-organized local and international volunteer opportunities;
  • the role of civil society institutions in the promotion of youth participation.
The project was closed with a public flashmob aimed at demonstrating visually the youth involvement in volunteering and the level of youth participation in general. If a young passer-by was found nearby, he/she was given the “you are able” invitation card to leave the handprint on the hand-made banner.
The flashmob was governed by colors since those colors were to express the energy and the enthusiasm we possess which might sometime be left unnoticed or non-recognized.
The project was with the support of Norwegian Royal Embassy.