Vrezh Matshkalian – “EVS Armenian volunteer of the Year” OF 2017

29389073_1928057290597847_1913840188761571328_n For a long time, I had been appealing to different institutions, both governmental and non-governmental organisations, to participate in international programs, but for some reason, or sometimes, without reason, it was not possible to overcome the established competition threshold and all I got were… refusals.

A good friend of mine, Gayane, who was well-informed about all my efforts and attempts, advised me to visit one organization in Gyumri. She, in fact, knew that organization’s mission, fair and impartial working style. And of course she knew the staff, which, fortunately, was not the staff I imagined.

The organization was Gyumri “Youth Initiative Centre” NGO, which has already become a part of me.

At that time the open call for European Volunteer Service (EVS) application was announced and I immediately applied to the project, even having no idea what the EVS is, what YIC was, etc.

Later I  found out that I was chosen as a participant and should go to Szeged, Hungary, to do European Volunteer Service.

A new phase of life began, full of indescribable motivation and drive.

The appointed meetings helped me to recognize YIC more and more, a place where I discover what it means to be devoted to your own work, to be truly professional and care of each participant in each project. And there are so many projects…

YIC is not just an NGO, but a family, which is full of joy, frank smiles and laughter. It become more perfect with the jokes of the Gyumri … I began to love the Gyumri’s dialect and take the first steps to learn that sophisticated “language” )))

Every visit was full of issues, help and advice, not only about the program, but also personal preparing to European culture, Europeans and their morals. All that was done was based solely on YIC staff own experience.

Thanks to YIC, I also participated in an international youth exchange program entitled “Rethinking-cooperating-sharing” in Marseille, France, with the opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural peculiarities of 3 other countries, history memorable fragments, traditional cuisine and national songs.

The most important thing in every collective is motivated work, and the motivation in YIC  has no limits … Thanks to YIC, I have acquired a number of values that reveal me, formal and non-formal knowledge, language and communication skills, personal growth and motivation.

 I love YIC with its crazy rhythm.

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