Volunteering in Armenia: reality and perspectives

When. July 16, 2010

Description. “Volunteering in Armenia: reality and perspectives”

On July 16, 2010 YIC NGO organized a round-table discussion on the subject “Volunteering in Armenia. reality and perspectives”. The discussion was held at Journalists’ Club “Asparez”.

During the round-table, studies on volunteering in Armenia, opportunities of “Youth in Action” program and European Voluntary Service (EVS), volunteering services offered by United Nations Volunteers were introduced. Later on, there was a presentation about the “National Volunteer Involving Organizations’ (VIO) Network in Armenia” and the legislative process of law about volunteerism.

The mentioned themes were presented by Sara Sangoi, UNV Projects Officer; Anna Yegoyan, Board Chairperson of YIC NGO and Multiplayer of “Youth in Action” program of European Commission; Nelli Minasyan, Projects Officer of YIC NGO and a representative of the “National Volunteer Involving Organizations’ (VIO) Network in Armenia” and Amalya Stepanyan, Art and Culture Project Manager of YIC NGO.

The round-table discussion hosted representatives from active organizations in Armenia, whose activities were directly related to volunteering.