URA – You Are Employable

535_482677575099017_631885199_nWhen. October 14-21, 2012

Where. Gyumri, Armenia

Aim. To promote volunteering as a mechanism for increasing youth employability

Description. The training began on October 14th , when 25 participants from 13 different countries arrived in Gyumri to attend the week-long workshop, which took place at the Berlin Art Hotel. For the next six days, the participants took part in discussions, simulations, and seminars all designed to give them new knowledge and skills about how volunteering can be used to increase prospects for employment. In addition to the ideas and tools presented by the trainers, participants were encouraged to exchange their own ideas, experiences, and realities with one another. The workshop also provided the opportunity for participants to experience Armenian culture, many for the first time. As part of the learning process, participants were sent out into the community with small volunteering tasks to complete, which offered the chance for interaction with local people. And Armenian hospitality was at its finest when thirteen local families volunteered to host the international participants for the first two nights of the training, giving these participants a glimpse of daily life and culture in Gyumri.


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