“UPSHIFT Armenia” Adolescents Development and Empowerment



At the beginning of 2018, Gyumri “Youth Initiative Centre” NGO and UNICEF Armenia united their efforts to implement the UNICEF Global UPSHIFT programme in Armenia.


“UPSHIFT Armenia” Adolescents Development and Empowerment programme aims at empowering 12-18 years old adolescents in Armenia to be more proactive in practicing civic engagement and in advocating for their rights and positive changes at local and national levels, therefore investing in a more successful future for themselves their and their communities.



About 50 adolescents form Gyumri and Spitak will directly benefit from entire cycle of the programme, with additional 500 and more adolescents having access to information and capacity building components of the project and indirectly impacting the larger communities of both cities.



UPSHIFT combines some of the leading approaches to youth and adolescent development, social innovation, and entrepreneurship, to empower marginalized youth and adolescents to become social innovators and entrepreneurs. Using cutting edge experiential learning techniques, UPSHIFT teaches youth and adolescents how to understand community challenges and design and build impactful solutions in the form of products or services.


You can learn more about UNICEF Global UPSHIFT programme on the following website: www.unicef.org/innovation/UPSHIFT