Gyumri “Youth Initiative Centre” (YIC) NGO (Armenia) in cooperation with “ADRA” (Slovakia), “ADICE” (France), “ADRA” (Czech Republic), “CAMBODIAN YOUTH ACTION” (Cambodia), “Women for Human Rights, single women group” (Nepal), “ASSOCIATION FOR VOLUNTEERISM VOLONTERSKI CENTAR SKOPJE” (North Macedonia), “ADRA” (Serbia), “International Debate Education Association in Central Asia Pub” (Kyrgyzstan), “ADRA” (Lebanon) is implementing a long-term project “Towards Effective Humanitarian Volunteering” (TEHV) in the frames of EU Aid Volunteers Initiative: Technical Assistance and Capacity Building programme. The aim of the project is to strengthen capacities of the partners from non-EU countries in coordinating volunteers in Humanitarian and Development aid contexts. The project has 2 specific objectives:
1⃣ Obtaining certification – supporting non-certified project partners (7 hosting and 1 sending organisations) in developing tools necessary for obtaining the EU Aid Volunteers (EUAV) certification.
2⃣ Building capacities of hosting organizations. The project partners will take part in 5 capacity building trainings focused on the topics of “Safety and security”, “Needs assessment and principles of volunteer management”, “Communication, Visibility and Dissemination”, “Disaster risk reduction”, “Extended volunteer management”. The training sessions will be implemented in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Armenia, Nepal, and Cambodia. This project consortium aims to submit together also a deployment project.