The list of “Youth House” donors


On behalf of Gyumri “Youth Initiative Centre” NGO and every youngster attending the “Youth House” we would like to thank all the donors for their commitment to the “Youth House” Project. Their valuable support made the establishment оf the “Youth House: Open Youth Centre in Gyumri” possible and they have all become part of the “Youth House” family.

Through the crowdfunding platform we have managed to raise $2,645.00 of which Generosity’s payment fees ($91.35) and international bank transfer fee ($25.00) are subtracted, thus coming to a total amount of $2,528.65 backed by 40 donors for the Youth House. Seven other donors have supported the campaign through cash donations adding up $455.00 to the total amount.

Unfortunately the amount of donations did not come close to our intended target, we are approximately $6,000 short on the co-financing the “Youth House” in 2018. Therefore we will open a fundraiser on a new platform very soon.

Below you will find the list of those donor who have chosen to stay visible and allowed us to publish their names online. But they are not the sole contributors to the campaign, we have also received a significant amount of donations from individuals who chose to stay anonymous.

Amalya Adamyan

Amanda Pascal

Ani and Gedeon Simonyan

Ani Tovmasian

Anita Løver

Arman Darbinyan

Arman Tadevosyan

Arpiné Kocharian

Arpine Porsughyan

Arsen Kambalov

Astghik Yedigaryan

Barbara Moogalian Pascal

Ben en Swanet Hooikammer

Bertus and Mariska Hooikammer

Emmanuelle Costet

Gabriel Balayan

Grigor Simonyan

Grigor Yeritsyan

Hasmik Minasyan

Haykuhi Karapetyan

Hranush Shahnazaryan

Karin Peham-Strauß

Kirstine Knudsen

Kristine Asatryan

Lucine Ghulyan

Luís Carvalho

Matteo Avetisyan

Michiel van Zanten

Nele Tast

Nelli Minasyan

Nuni Minasyan

Sergio Leal Lopez

Siranush Minasyan

Sona and Gurgen Balasanyan

Tristan Schepel

Vahan Kololian, Gyumri Project Hope

Vano Achigian

Yuliya Stankevich