Roza Simonyan- ”Volunteer of the year” of 2016

I remember the day when I went to take part in the YIC’s English club.
At that time, I almost did not know anything about YIC and had no idea about their clubs. Having desire to learn about the different clubs of YIC, I asked if they had a dance club, because I love to dance and I dance since childhood. When I learned that there is no dance club, I wanted to be a volunteer at YIC.
At first I only visited YIC to run the dance group, and then over time I realized how many things the volunteering can give to and decided to take part in organizing activities to in an event dedicated to the International Youth Day 2016. I remember that day in very bright colors.
Volunteering gave me the opportunity to make new friends, experience of working in a team. Being involved in YIC events, I became more active, lively and initiative. Later I would like also to be involved in the organization activities and would like to become a part of it. I always admired the cohesion of YIC team.
On December 5, International Volunteer Day 2016 , I became the volunteer of the year, which caused a more sense of responsibility for me.
I had very impressive and memorable days in YIC and I am thankful for all this to YIC.

Roza Simonyan
17 years old