Nelli Yeghiazaryan- ESC volunteer


As much you learn, you realize that you still have a lot to learn. As much do you know about the world around you, you understand that many things still remain unknowable for you. Hello, I am Nelli and today I will tell you about my ESC experience.

When I started to do volunteering first in my life, I realized that it makes me happy.  First of all, I really like volunteering and helping people. I started with my local organization and then I realized that there is a way to know people who are different from me, who live different life. As I was curious, I applied for a range of opportunities and finally it happened. I was chosen and I went to Hungary, where my program was. Of course, I learned about my program from YIC (Gyumri “Youth Initiative Center”), which is my sending organization in Gyumri. I was really excited and things happened so fast.

After spending this much time in Hungary, in my Hungarian organization, I learned a lot. I want to warn you beforehand that this education is non-formal which means that its not like in university. I was learning a lot and every day. Meeting people who don’t think like you and who have different view of life, of course astonishing for me.

Except of this learning there is also a cultural difference which was totally new for me. Bye the way, my program was connected with culture because I needed to present my culture to local people.

I was surprised that some of them could speak Russian with me. They were telling me some parts of their life connected with Russians invasion and that time.

In the beginning of my volunteering I didn’t know that I could gain these much experience, but I did. I became braver, cleverer and more delicate in some questions. Of course, during study there were some challenges but I thinks it’s the part of process.  I am happy and thankful that I had this opportunity.