Let the SUN shine brighter for everyone

When. 2012

Description. Since April 2012, YIC volunteer Syuzanna Galstyan has been participating in the Joint Civic Education country program. Within the framework of this program, Syuzanna and Karine Mkhitaryan (another program participant) designed and implemented a project at the F. Nansen boarding school in Gyumri. The project was called “Let the SUN shine brighter for EVERYONE”, with the idea that all children are born with equal rights and the Sun must shine “equally bright” for everyone. The project consisted of the following stages:

·         getting to know each other through juggling activities and interactive games

·         teaching stencil art

·         exhibition of the children’s artwork

·         presentation of the project at Youth Initiative Centre

The project also sparked the enthusiasm of some youth and provided motivation to become more active. Most of them were local and international volunteers of YIC.