”Learn to Empower”

11705299_1000729316627171_5867829764193154102_nWhen: July 8-15, 2015

Where: Toros, Shirak rgion

Aim: To empower 24 European Voluntary Service Mentors from Armenia, Georgia, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine to improve the quality of EVS projects through building capacities of EVS Hosting organizations and equipping EVS Mentors with vital methods to support and guide the volunteers towards the development of competences for future employment

Description: “Youth Initiative Centre” NGO hosted a 7-days international training course on EVS Mentoring in the framework of “Erasmus+” programme. The participants of the training course had an opportunity to visit to various EVS Sending and Hosting organizations functioning in the city of Gyumri to get a closer look on EVS Mentoring system, to share good practices, and set up partnership links.


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