On December 4, Gyumri “Youth Initiatve Centre” NGO in partnership with Armenian Caritas, KASA Gumri Centre d’accueil et de formation, Gyumri Technology Center and Enterprise Incubator Foundation implemented “International Volunteer Day-2018” project dedicated to International Volunteer day. In the frames of the project the following events took place: Volunteering Fair: With participation of local and international organizations that provide volunteering service and/or give volunteering opportunities. Workshops in the format of unconference: Presentation of experience, discussions with the participation of voluntary work organizers and service providers, skills development. Volunteer talks: Success stories. Award ceremony: “The Best Volunteering Initiative of the Year” The day ended with an informal gathering for volunteers. The project implemented with the support of Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Armenia and Erasmus+ Youth. Info Centre. Special thanks to all our partners and supporters. YIC Gyumri – Youth Initiative Centre NGO Armenian Caritas KASA Gumri Centre d’accueil et de formation Gyumri Technology Center – GTC Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) Min SportYouth Erasmus+ Youth.


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