Hayarpi Poghosyan – YIC member


I have heard about YIC from my friends who lives in Gyumri and I started to follow their activities. It is already two years I have been interested in their activities but before, when I used to live and study in Yerevan, unfortunately I was not able to be involved in various activities and events. But I had a goal to come back to Gyumri and be involved in their activities as a volunteer because they have been focused on youth’s problems in my lovely city.
And finally in June 2016 a 4 days seminar was organized by Youth Initiative Center NGO with the support of RAM Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs. The topic of the seminar was “ Youth work and Youth workers” and I was participating in the project. I was mostly interested in getting knowledge and skills about Youth Work and I was sure that it would give me an opportunity to get personal and professional impact.
After I participated in a flash mob during International Youth Day 2016,, and in
large-scale public events implemented in Gyumri in the framework of “Gyumri- Youth City 2016’’ event organized by Gyumri ‘’Youth Initiative Centre’’ NGO in cooperation with SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource Centre .
I would like to mention one of my successes, which I achieved with the help of YIC NGO. It was my participation in the training on “ Supporting graas-roots Youth Work” . It was international TC and I got that opportunity due to YIC NGO. It took place in Lithuania aimed at the development of youth work and youth worker’s skills.
I also participated in training about “Project Design and Management” which was organized for YIC staff and active beneficiaries.
When I was a volunteer in YIC, I was involved in organizing the event of International Volunteer Dy. I can proudly say that I had my contribution in organizing information day in school and also in organizing photo exhibition at ‘’Hayordats Tun” dedicated to volunteering work.
With a great pleasure I would like to mention that from October 2016 I have been involved in organizing team of Friday’s Café. In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful and youthful local events organized by YIC. I am implementing my work with a great pleasure and responsibility in cooperation with two EVS volunteers, with emphasize on ensuring active and cultural entertainment of Gyumri’s youth.
And of course, one of the valuable and important achievments for me was becoming YIC member, in the end of 2016. First of all, it is a great responsibility and confidence for me to continue with a greater energy and to work with enthusiasm and to contribute in the development of Gyumri youth.
Thank you YIC for that trust and for the acquisition of such important values that I discovered for myself, being in the NGO and walking together with YIC: competent and wonderful people, friends, cognitive and non-formal education, communication, language skills, especially having more contact with foreign EVS volunteers , also for the personal and professional growth, which helps to specialize in Youth Work.
The YIC in the future, perhaps, for me, is larger and newly renovated, warm and intelligent family, in which I consider me as a member, and it’s a great reason to be proud of.
I love YIC, with all its colors.

Hayarpi Poghosyan
22 years old