TITLE: Nature of conflicts – Identify, Discuss, Move

PLACE: Tbilisi, Georgia

DATES: 05-13 March, 2022


AIM OF THE PROJECT: Develop and promote intercultural competences and diversity management skills in youth work in multi-cultural environments with high conflict risks; encourage participants to see diversity as an opportunity for value creation and cooperation.


PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES: Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic.



  • We are looking for 18-26 years old active young people, students, volunteers who are interested in the topic of intercultural communication,
  • Have at least intermediate level of English proficiency,
  • Each group will include 5 participants: 1 team leader and 4 young participants.



  • Food and lodging is fully covered,
  • The travel limit for Armenian participants to Georgia is 180 EUR. The reimbursement of the travel costs will take place via bank transfer within 1 month after the end of the project.
  • *In the light of Covid-19 pandemic, fully vaccinated participants are given a preference. The costs of the PCR tests are at the expense of the participants. It is required both from vaccinated and not vaccinated participants to present a negative PCR test for entry to Georgia. In case of not vaccinated participants, there is a requirement to take a test on the third day of stay in Georgia and upon arrival to Armenia.
  • There is participation fee of 20 EUR. YIC members and participants nominated from institutions with agreement to YIC are exempted from the participation fee.
  • To apply for the project, please go through this link


THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS:  February 19th, 2022 by 17:00.

Should you have additional questions, please contact Valya Martirosyan at or call the YIC office by the following phone number: 095 919197 (except Sunday and Monday).