TITLE: Mind for Social Transformation

PLACE: Bakuriani, Georgia

DATES: May 6-14, 2022 


AIM OF THE PROJECT: Enable youth workers’ personal development and leadership capacity by fostering their skills for self-reflection and self-awareness. 



  • Improve the competencies of youth leaders and youth workers in Mindfulness, Embodiment and Coaching as non-formal education methods to increase mental health and wellbeing
  • Opportunity for youth workers to learn and practice facilitating community-building processes,
  • Empower youth leaders to build intercultural networks and partnerships for acting towards systemic transformation towards a peaceful, open and healthy society.


PARTICIPANT COUNTRIES: Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Poland and Portugal



  • At least 18-year-old active youth workers, youth leaders, volunteers and coordinators who are interested to learn and share on the topic of the training course,
  • At least intermediate level of English proficiency,
  • The Armenian team will consist of 4 participants.




  • Food and lodging is fully covered,
  • The travel limit for Armenian participants to Georgia is 180 EUR. The reimbursement of the travel costs might take place via bank transfer. 
  • *In the light of Covid-19 pandemic, fully vaccinated participants are given a privilege. Non-vaccinated participants should have a PCR test for traveling. Additionally, non-vaccinated participants will be required to take a PCR test on the 3-rd day of their stay in Georgia. In case of non-vaccinated participants, the costs of the PCR tests will be on the expense of the participant.  
  • There is participation fee of 20 EUR. YIC members and participants nominated from institutions with agreement to YIC are exempted from the participation fee. 


To apply for the project, please go through this link


THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS:  April 17th, 2022 by 13:00. 

Should you have additional questions, please contact Valya Martirosyan at or call the YIC office by the following phone number: 095 919197 (except Sunday and Monday).