TITLE: Reinforcing Games as an Educational Tool for Social Change

PLACE: Rustavi, Georgia

DATES: 4-11 February, 2022

Project aims:

  • introduce board games as a tool for the involvement of young people and explore successful examples of the use of board games in youth work;
  • equip participants with tools for developing board games with educational value based on relevant social issues or necessary competencies for youth;
  • develop a set of educational board games to be used in the youth work field.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Participants should be at least 21 year old active youth workers, youth leaders, youth trainers, educators, as well as students of youth work and educational science who already work or plan to work with young people in their daily work life or frequent voluntary activities, especially with hard-to-reach young people and those representing minority groups.

Working language is ENGLISH. 

The Armenian team will consist of 4 participants.


Food and lodging is fully covered.

The travel limit for Armenian participants to Georgia is 180 EUR. The reimbursement of the travel costs might take place via bank transfer.

*In the light of Covid-19 pandemic, you are required to have a full Vaccination. In case of non-vaccinated participants, the costs of the PCR tests will be on the expense of the participant.


  • 20 EUR

There is no participation fee for YIC members and for participants nominated from institutions with agreement to YIC.

To apply for the project, please go through this link:

 THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS:  December 15th, 2021 by 13:00.

Should you have additional questions, please contact Valya Martirosyan at or call the YIC office by the following phone number: 095 919197 (except Sunday and Monday).