TITLE: Love yourself first

PLACE: Fresno de Cantespino, Segovia, Spain

DATES: 24-29 May, 2022 


AIM OF THE PROJECT: Enhance the competences of youth workers and youth leaders to accompany and support young people in the process of gender equality, self-love and empowerment. 



  • To increase self-love through knowledge of the factors that influence it;
  • To learn and to put in practice the key elements and concepts of self-esteem, self-concept, self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-respect;
  • To improve participants’ skills in implementing self-esteem sessions with the young people they work with on a daily basis;
  • To create a network of youth workers from different countries and regions in order to exchange good practices, tools and resources.


PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES: Armenia, Spain, Georgia, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Portugal, Bulgaria. 



  • 20-35 years old youth workers and young leaders who are interested to develop their competences in this field.
  • Have good level of English.
  • Number of participants from Armenia is 2. The open call is made for 1 available placement. 



  • Food and lodging is fully covered.
  • The travel limit for Armenian participants to the venue of the project is 820 EUR. The reimbursement of the travel costs will take place via bank transfer after the end of the project. 
  • Visa and visa related costs are fully covered.
  • Due to Covid-19 situation, participants should be fully vaccinated with one of the EU approved vaccines: Nuvaxovid, Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson. Costs of the PCR tests if required before entry to Spain, shall be covered by the participants. 
  • There is participation fee of 50 EUR. YIC members and participants nominated from institutions with agreement to YIC are exempted from the participation fee. 
  • To apply for the project, please go through this link


THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS:  March 19th, 2022 by 18:00. 

Should you have additional questions, please contact Valya Martirosyan at or call the YIC office by the following phone number: 095 919197 (except Sunday and Monday).