”Cultural Colours”

1485071_842787765754661_5553519886627571408_nWhen: September 27 – October 5, 2014

Where: Toros, Shirak region

Aim: To give the young people from the European Union and Eastern European countries an opportunity to recognize different cultures, traditions, find shared values as well as differences between them, as the basis for understanding and tolerance; through giving them chance to work and live together.

Description: “Youth Initiative Centre” NGO hosted international youth exchange (YE) in Armenia within the framework of the “Erasmus+” programme from September 27th to October 5th. The project brought together the participants who lived in countries where there was a lack of communication due to distance by sharing cultures and traditions, as well as it was wonderful opportunity for young people to meet, communicate, share cultures and ideas. During the 9-day project 25 young representatives of 4 different cultures got the opportunity to present their national music, dances, traditions, cuisine as well as the cultural peculiarities. At the end of the project the participants performed final forum theatre event in the cultural house of Toros village. Taking into consideration the main principles of the Forum Theater, the audience also had the opportunity to participate in the final event and propose their solutions to the problem.

To conclude the YE gave young people an example of cooperation on the international level and encouraged them to undertake similar activities in the future. Additionally, it emphasized that Europe was not only the European Union, but it was much larger community that shares the same values and didn’t know any borders.

The Youth Exchange brought together 25 representatives from Armenia, Georgia, Portugal and Norway.


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