“Craftsman Is Hungry Until Noon” = Ghaydov Initiative 2015

12345576_1078616432171792_8023482042935655766_nWhen: December 5, 2015

Description: On the occasion of the International Volunteering Day Gyumri “Youth Initiative Centre” NGO launched the contest of ideas promoting volunteering and youth initiatives in Shirak Region in the scope of “Ghaydov Initiative 2015”.  The initiative entitled “Craftsman is hungry until noon” presented by Davit Haroyan won the contest.
On 9th of December, 2015 Davit and his artist friends implemented their initiative in Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute after M. Nalbandyan. Within the framework of the initiative they made necklaces with the first letters of participants’ names with Armenian miniatures. Throughout the event national folk dance group of the institute performed national dances and the smile and the laughter of the event was provided by Gyumri jokes which were printed and distributed to the participants on the principle of ‘’Laugh and pass to the one next to you’’.

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