Colorful Europe

When. 2012

Description. A group of students from Gyumri had the idea of having a colorful and a bright corner in Gyumri where our youth would have an opportunity to understand what the European values, its structure and institutions mean and do, which would give an opportunity to bring Europe closer and show the European culture and the differences that we have. After getting the support of YIC, the team applied for a small grant to YouthBank to get the support for the renovation of the room, to make it more colorful and visibly bring Europe closer.

The room is full of European colors. It has the bookshelves with the flags of European countries, the sofa is in the colors of the European Union flag, on the wall the huge colorful map of Europe is drawn and on the ceiling we have the slogan “Europe is much closer than you think”.

On January 25th there was the opening of “Colorful Europe”. The opening took place at YIC, with the attendance of the volunteers and the staff of YIC, the team of “Colorful Europe” and the representatives of “Youth Bank” in Gyumri and Yerevan.