In the framework of the “EU 4 Gender Equality” Program, Gyumri “Youth Initiative Center” NGO in partnership with World Vision Armenia delivers “Caring for Equality” two months training course. The Program is funded by the European Union and implemented jointly by UNFPA and UN Women at regional and national levels in six EAP countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.
Objective of the training: Promoting equality between women and men, girls and boys; increasing men’s participation in child care and parenting; shifting stereotypes around the roles of men and women.
Topics of the training:
1. The intro session – Why am I here?
2. What is this thing called gender?
3. How women and men express themselves? The gender fishbowl
4. Hours in a day. Objects, plants, animals and people
5. Gender and toys
6. Father care, mother care. Men caring for boys, men caring for girls
7. My parents’ legacy
8. What is violence? Prenatal sex selection as a form of gender based violence. What do
I do when I am angry?
9. How ready are you? The spider web.
Format of the training:
During the sessions the topics will be presented through group discussions and interactive
Duration of the training:
The course consists of up to 9 sessions with 1.5-2 hours length each (1-2 sessions a week).
The course will be implemented from April to May, 2021.
Who can participate:
18-40 year old boys and girls, women and men (both married and single) from Shirak region
can participate in the training course.
Location of the training:
Family Corner resource centers (Alek Manukyan, Gyumri).






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