”Bridge among cultures”

264473_619772754722831_1290118158_nWhen: June 20-28, 2013

Where: Vanadzor, Armenia

Aim: To bring together young people from different countries and cultural backgrounds and provide them with space to communicate and get to know each other’s culture.

Description: Gyumri “Youth Initiative Centre” NGO in the frameworks of the project “Bridge among Cultures” – BraC of “Youth in Action” program hosted 24 participants from Armenia, Georgia, Germany and Italy on June 20-28, 2013 in Vanadzor city.
During the 9-day project 24 young representatives of 4 different cultures got the opportunity to present their national music, dances, traditions, cuisine as well as the cultural peculiarities. All the participants worked together in a team and in mixed groups to find similarities and differences between their cultures. The project was carried out in non-formal methods of work which ensured free self-expression of each participant.
The project took place in a camping site where over 200 children from different regions of Armenia were having their summer vacations. The participants dedicated project final event to the children. They performed an interesting and interactive performance accompanied with multilingual songs and music.


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