Subject of Contest: Senior Expert in the Field of Youth Policy 

Type of contestant: Individual Expert or Legal Entity 

Type of contract: Service Provision 

Project Duration: February 1, 2024 – June 30, 2026  

Number of Working Days: 320 hours (40 working days) 


“Youth Initiative Centre” (YIC) NGO within the framework of the “Youth in Action: Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development in Armenia” Project is launching a competition for two experts in the field of youth  policy in order to involve them in the following components of the project: 

Component 1 (10 days)

Development of guidelines for local youth policy quality standards based on the model of the European  Youth Forum. 

Component 2 (30 days)

By reviewing the experience of youth work in Armenia, two different models of the youth work environment  will be developed: 

1) Youth center model 

2) Youth area model. 



  • To examine the field documents accessible in Armenia and internationally, 
  • Engage in discussions and consultations with stakeholders and the expert community to acquire  insights and expertise, 
  • Draft and distribute the preliminary and ultimate editions of the aforementioned documents in the  Armenian language, 
  • Take part in meetings, campaigns, and other events designed to advocate for two distinct models  of youth work environments. 



  • A minimum of five years of verifiable work experience in the field of youth policy and youth work.
  • Proven success in advocating for youth policy and conducting advocacy at the national level,
  • Presence of publications (models, scientific articles, research, and other publications) related to  youth work, 
  • Comprehensive comprehension of decision-making processes at the national level, 
  • Previous collaboration with civil society organizations and government entities, 
  • Capacity to collaborate effectively within a team, 
  • Outstanding analytical skills and proficiency in report writing and presentation, 
  • Experience in informal learning, 
  • Excellent knowledge of Armenian and English, 
  • Computer knowledge (MS Word Excel, PowerPoint, web applications), 
  • Ability to quickly navigate different situations. 



Payment for the service will be in AMD based on the timesheet submitted by the performer, and in the case  of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, based on the invoice submitted in addition to the mentioned  document. The current price is set at 200 EUR (the cost of the one-day service) which will be  accommodated in EUR equivalent to the fluctuated rate exchange and will be reimbursed adequately. This  includes taxes and fees defined by RA legislation. 

The Euro – AMD exchange rate will be calculated in accordance with the current exchange rate at the  customer’s bank at the time of signing the service contract. 


Terms of the application: 

In order to apply for the competition, candidates who meet the requirements must send a CV and  motivational letter to The motivation letter should provide detailed information  regarding the candidate’s qualifications for the call, along with online references. 

The application submission deadline is December 20, 2023, at 18:00. 


Application Evaluation: 

The evaluation of applications will take place in two phases.

Phase 1: Verification of compliance of applications with technical requirements: December 21, 2023.

Phase 2: Interview: January 2024.

Only applicants that meet the requirements will be taken into consideration. 

Shortlisted candidates will undergo an interview, either in person or via video call. 

For additional information, please reach out to Marieta Gevorgyan, the project coordinator, at  +37498712733 or via email at

“Youth Initiative Centre” (YIC) NGO was founded in 2008 in Gyumri, based on the idea of increasing youth  civic activism and community development by promoting youth initiatives and active participation. 

The “Youth in Action: Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development in Armenia” Project is a co-funded initiative by the European Union and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) implemented together with the World Vision Armenia (WVA), Media Initiatives Center (MIC), and Gyumri “Youth Initiatives Centre” (YIC).