Since 2019 Gyumri “Youth Initiative Centre” NGO has started producing “ISTAK” handmade eco-soaps from ecologically pure and natural raw materials. The idea of ​​the “ISTAK” eco-soap production is the result of Armenian-Estonian cooperation. At the suggestion of Hanna Pitson, an Estonian volunteer hosted by YIC NGO, the idea of ​​ eco-soap production was launched with the aim of developing the skills of young people and promoting social entrepreneurship among them, also making the culture and rich plants of Armenia known to the world.

Description: The soap making is done at “Gyumri Youth House” open youth centre with the participation of 13-18 year old youngsters.

Aiming to develop the skills of young people and promoting social entrepreneurship among them, the eco-soaps are given as present to the guests of the centre, as well as being exhibited in different fairs as a handmade product by youngsters.

Separate soap making workshops are also organized at YIC NGO for everyone interested, regardless of age. Participants get introduced to the process and subtleties of soap making.

Ingredients. The eco soap “ISTAK” is made of ecologically pure, natural raw materials, medicinal herbs of the Armenian Highlands/ chamomile, almond, evergreen flower, rose petals / and essential oils /orange, apricot, eucalyptus/ as with the combination of sea salt, the principles of aromatherapy are used as the basis of the preparation. Combined with the pleasant and the useful, each included ingredient has beneficial and healing properties typical of the skin. It is completely hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. High quality and aromatic freshness are guaranteed. The name of the soap itself symbolizes purity and freshness, making the environment perfectly clear. By the way, buying ecologically pure soaps “ISTAK”, you will have your own contribution to the further activity of soap making. You will also contribute to the creation of new development opportunities for young people using the services of the centre “Gyumri Youth House”.