Youth House

At the Gyumri “Youth Initiative Center” NGO, we continually strive to provide youth with the space and encouragement to develop their own ideas and initiatives. In March 2013 the organization has launched a continuous campaign aimed at encouraging youth participation and social activism.

The project, entitled “Create Your Future,” is designed to give youth in Gyumri and the surrounding areas the opportunity to develop creative, small-scale projects to implement in their local communities.

The first phase of the project involved an online fundraising initiative to collect the necessary funds to implement selected youth-led projects (click on the following link:

With a goal of raising 5,000 Euros annually, YIC will be able to fund four annual rounds of initiatives, competitively selecting up to five participants to receive funding and support to implement their projects. In addition, YIC will be able to provide the relevant trainings, resources, and promotions to encourage the participation of local youth.

“Create Your Future” is specifically designed to give young people the opportunity and resources to become actively involved in their communities, and develop their own skills in the process. As the initiators and organizers of community-based projects, participants will build leadership skills, learn how to take initiative, and have the opportunity to develop practical skills in project management.

To learn more or support YIC in encouraging youth to initiate positive change in their communities, please email for more information.