*International Youth Exchange Project in Slovakia*


Title: “Hatchet II”
Place: Kosice, Slovakia
Dates: 19-28 September, 2015

The Hatchet II is a project dedicated to young people who care about peaceful and tolerant future of Europe and its neighbor countries. Over 50 young people will meet during 8 days in Slovakia in order to share peace and tolerance and also to discuss on recent happenings in Europe. The program will include photographic documentation of war and ordinary people feelings from the project participants' points of view throughout the history: modern ages, middle ages and pre-historical ages. Moreover, two serious but fresh phrases will have their separate space for discussion: Euromaidan and self-called Islamic State. The aim of these activities is to spread the opinion of young people coming from various European countries and neighborhood: Armenia, Georgia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey and Ukraine. We believe the future is in our hands. If we bury the hatchet and build our future together, it can be fortunate. 

Working language of the project is English. 

The deadline for applications is June 25th, 2015, by 15:00. 

Should you have additional questions, please contact Valya Martirosyan at valya.martirosyan@yic.am. 

*Applicants should be 18-30 years old. 

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