*International Youth Exchange Project in Italy*


Title: “Sound of Music”
Place: Savigno, Bologna, Italy
Dates: October 12-23, 2015
The general idea of the project is to offer its participants the opportunity to live an international experience, capable of boosting the participants’ active citizenship and intercultural dialogue. Starting from their common passion for music, the project aims to help empower its participants by introducing them to a non-formal training path thought out to favour their personal and professional development. The activities will lead to a reflection on life in rural and disadvantaged urban areas, facilitating debate and personal expression in relation to the difficulties and worries of youth with the same background. Finally, participants will create a new song with the objective of raising youths’ awareness of intercultural dialogue and of promoting the empowerment of youth coming from rural or disadvantaged urban areas.
The working language of the training is English. 
The deadline for applications is September 3rd, 2015, by 15:00. 
Should you have additional questions, please contact Valya Martirosyan at valya.martirosyan@yic.am.
*Applicants should be 18-25 years old.


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