International volunteer day

When. December 5, 2012

Description. On December 5 Gyumri “Youth Initiative Centre” NGO organized an event devoted to the International Volunteer Day. The local and international volunteers had their big investment in the organizing of the event.

The event consisted of four parts – each devoted to exploring volunteering from a different angle. The event began with an opportunity for local members to learn more about YIC international volunteers through a “Living Library”, during which the international volunteers became human “books” for YIC members to read and discover.

Later a photo-exhibition was held which aimed at showing the meaning of volunteering through different photos.

The event continued with Forum Theatre through which several YIC members tried to show some wrong perceptions regarding volunteering, and the audience taking the role of one of the actors at a time tried to find its best solution to the situation.

The event ended with summing up the results from the week-long voting process that allowed YIC members to nominate local and international volunteers in a variety of unique categories. The winners from each nomination were awarded certificates and souvenirs.

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