Date of Birth: December 2008
Registration Date: 22.09.2009

Youth Initiative Centre is a non-governmental organization which was established  by a group of active young people experienced and well recognized in the field of youth work.

The Vision of YIC: An initiative-taking, competitive, well-off young person.

The Mission of YIC: To contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the youth through a youth-centred approach.

The Directions of the Activities of YIC:

  • To contribute to the improvement of the social-economic conditions for the youth:
    • To engage young people in continuous non-formal learning processes,
    • To develop a healthy lifestyle culture among the young people,
    • To increase youth participation in cultural life,
    • To raise the competitiveness of the young people in the labour market.
  • To promote youth imitativeness:
    • To increase the role of young people in solving social issues,
    • To support the implementation of innovative ideas by young people,
    • To support the youth entrepreneurship,
    • To develop volunteering culture among the young people.
  • To contribute to increasing the role of young people in the society:
    • To raise the level of legal awareness of the youth,
    • To strengthen the dialogue between the youth and the decision-makers,
    • To raise the awareness about the youth issues in the society,
    • To protect youth’s rights and interests.