Date of Birth: December 2008
Registration Date: 22.09.2009

Youth Initiative Centre is a non-governmental organization which was established  by a group of active young people experienced and well recognized in the field of youth work.

The Mission of YIC Assist in the development of the civic activism of the youth through promoting youth initiatives and active participation.

The Directions of the Activities of YIC:

  • Increase youth participation in national youth policy development and decision-making processes through:
    • Organizing activities to increase the effectiveness of youth policy procedures;
    • Involvement  in policy-making groups;
    • Educating youth about human rights;
    • Contributing to the capacity-building of other youth organizations.
  • Promote volunteering among young people and contribute to the recognition of volunteerism through:
    • Providing opportunities for participation in local and international voluntary projects;
    • Networking with local stakeholders;
    • Raising awareness of the impact of volunteering and advocating for the legal designation of voluntary work.
  • Enhance cultural awareness and artistic expression among youth and encourage cross-border dialogue through:
    • Coordinating artistic and cultural events, including exhibitions, art residencies, and film screenings;
    • Offering information, consultations, and opportunities for participation in local and international trainings and cross-cultural exchanges.
  • Improve prospects for youth employability and support the personal and professional development of young people through:
    • Conducting workshops and trainings about volunteering, job skill development, inter-personal communication, conflict resolution, and healthy lifestyles;
    • Serving as a resource center to assist young people in identifying opportunities to study abroad.
  • Contribute to the development of the linguistic and communication skills of  youth through:
    • Organizing language and cultural clubs for youth;
    • Leading a debate club to develop the skills of self-expression, critical thinking and persuasion.