When.  July 01-30, 2013  Aim. Promotion of volunteerism as a mechanism for youth participation.  Description. “Volunteering Month with YIC” was the promotion of the voluntary initiatives which was carried out through the following activities;T-shirt painting, Parent’s day, Hugging day, Armenian Constitution Day, Outdoor painting with children, European Voluntary Service Action day, Youth In Action info day, Flying Kites, Birthright Armenia info and action day, Retirement Home visit, Peace Corps Action and Info day, Closing Ceremony. See more Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, Link 5, Link 6,&nbs...

When. September -Dcember, 2011 Aim. To reveal Armenian EVS volunteers’ understanding of Europe that they had gained through their volunteering, focusing on European values such as participation and multiculturalism. The exhibition also underlined the local impact of EVS projects and simultaneously promoted EVS. Description. The exhibition was a joint multiplying/EVS promotional activity that was developed by YIC and has already found much support among most Armenian multipliers of the European Commission’s Youth in Action Programme and among other organizations which have experience with EVS and YiA in general.Gyumri’s Youth Initiative Centr...

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